Are Love and Duty Incompatible?

Often when people think of Love and Duty they imagine them as a dichotomy. They believe that Love and Duty are mutually exclusive: You must choose one of the two and leave the other alone. But is this actually true? Is it true that acting out of love is ideal and that duty is merely a […]

The Value of Motherhood

Many people write emotional articles concerning motherhood on Mother’s Day. The writers have had mothers of their own whom they love. The purpose of this post is to show the foundation of truth by which this emotion surrounding motherhood is upheld and supported. Being a mother is more valuable and important than being a scientist or […]

What We Say Matters: Christianity Is a Religion, Not Just a Relationship

This will be the first in a new category of articles where I am going to discuss what I view as the unrealized consequences of words, phrases, and terms we use. My main focus while writing them will be to point out that what we say truly matters. We cannot assume people will understand what […]