Sundry Purposes

Once, while I was visiting with some friends, one of them stooped down to pick something off the floor and said; “This apple keeps rolling onto the floor. If it keeps doing it, I’ll punish it.” I asked her inquisitively; “How would you punish it?” Her response was; “By eating it!” I pointed out to […]

Goodness In A Bag Of Chips

What is goodness? I think the simple answer is this: Goodness is the degree to which something fulfills its purpose. In our age we will often attribute goodness to something based on the fact that we enjoy it, and even more particularly because it never satisfies but increases desire. As strange as this may sound […]

Beauty, Champions, and Fatherhood

My previous post was concerned with giving support to the popular notions surrounding motherhood. This post will be devoted to encouraging fathers to truly be all a father can be, despite the culture’s minimization of their role in the family and misunderstanding of what fatherhood consists. To begin I want to examine of what fatherhood […]

The Value of Motherhood

Many people write emotional articles concerning motherhood on Mother’s Day. The writers have had mothers of their own whom they love. The purpose of this post is to show the foundation of truth by which this emotion surrounding motherhood is upheld and supported. Being a mother is more valuable and important than being a scientist or […]

What We Say Matters: Christianity Is a Religion, Not Just a Relationship

This will be the first in a new category of articles where I am going to discuss what I view as the unrealized consequences of words, phrases, and terms we use. My main focus while writing them will be to point out that what we say truly matters. We cannot assume people will understand what […]

Concerning Prince Charming and Ideals.

I hear and read, far too often, how refreshed people are to find children’s movies which lack Prince Charming and how unhealthy it is for our girls’ minds to be filled with such impossible fantasies and unrealistic expectations. These people claim that the inclusion of Prince Charming will result in, or encourage, our girls growing up to be disillusioned or harmed: […]