About the Author

Jonathan is a Traditional Catholic convert who our Lord graciously brought to His one, true Church in the Easter of 2019. He desires to reconcile and reclaim all things in his life for Christendom and Jesus Christ our Lord. One of the ways he strives to reclaim the world at large is by considering the validity of consigning certain topics to the strictly secular or non-religious. To reclaim his own person, he strives to live as Christ would have him live, that is, in submission to Christ’s Church here on Earth, participating in the Sacraments graciously given to us and living virtuously.

He enjoys thinking hard about basic assumptions, meaning, purpose, and ideals, which he believes are ignored far too often in our current secular culture. He places particular emphasis on the family, believing its role has been downplayed almost to the point of non-existence. A son of Hess, he loves his own family dearly, and strives daily, though falteringly, to be the man his duty demands.

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