An Outline of History – Info-Graphic

Much has transpired since I last posted. It’s been quite a while. I intend to start writing again with the additional smattering of information graphics as well.

I created this graphic from a concept design by Christopher Lee: A fellow traditionalist. Feel free to use it in whatever way you can to help spread Tradition in this increasingly Modernist world.




10 thoughts on “An Outline of History – Info-Graphic

  1. Thank you for this awsome graph ! I would like to translate it in French. Is it possible to have the file to edit the words to translate them in French please ? My mail is loic.baverel [at]


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  3. Hi. There are a few problems with your graph mate, chronologically speaking. Do you think church existed before Roman empire ?
    Do you think that french revolution took place before the ideas of Lock, Rousseau, Hume, Smith ? Or even before Washington was president ?


  4. Love the graph! Btw is there anywhere I can find good information regarding the negative impacts of the Renaissance on tradition, the Church and Europe? Or if you could tell me directly that would be great, Thanks!


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