The Great Toy-maker

Every so often I am amazed by the prevalence of certain opinions or ideas. I had heard it said that Adam and Eve would not have had navels; but my search on the internet today showed it to be a more popular view than I had thought. This view has always be strange to me. The logic goes that our belly-buttons are merely scars from the umbilical cord and since Adam and Eve were not born and thus never had an umbilical cord then neither would they have had belly-buttons. On the other hand, I have heard it said that the belly-button does serve a practical use, which evades me, and that is why Adam and Eve did have belly-buttons. But, as interesting as this practical use might be if I could remember it, in this discussion, it is less important than the fact that we actually do have belly-buttons. I would not be surprised if there were some practical use to all the things we usually see as useless because of what I believe about Creation. The fact that we have them makes me expect that they have a much deeper purpose than something merely practical.

In my view, God did give Adam and Eve belly-buttons and He did so because humans are supposed to have them. Whatever use the belly button might have is predicated by the truth that it is appropriate for us to have one. Therefore, we have belly-buttons not because they are merely scars from the umbilical cord, nor because they are useful, but because they are appropriate. The umbilical cord itself is the means God uses to give those after Adam and Eve belly-buttons.

I believe that since God is all-powerful His creations are wholly intentional: nothing just happens to be a particular way. Consider our own creativity as a lesser example. When we make a toy knight are any of its properties really an accident? We choose a particular material with the consistency we want. The colours are chosen because we either enjoy them or they insinuate something we want the toy to convey: We choose everything about it down to the finest details. Any accidents in the toy are due to mistakes, impatience, or apathy. How much more purpose should God’s creation have? He makes no mistakes, for He is omnicompetent. He is never impatient, for He is outside of time. He is never apathetic, for He is Goodness itself. He is omnipotent and omniscient and can see all that might be as well as all that is and can create it just as He pleases. God’s creations have more purposes than we can imagine and since they are for His glory they also ought to have purposes we may never know, though I think the number of knowable purposes, even in this life, is greater than most of us imagine.

God is like a great toy-maker crafting each toy meticulously.  When he makes the toy knight He chooses the particular material which He wishes to craft it from: Does He want to carve it from wood? Or perhaps cast it in pewter? It will have different qualities and properties depending on which He chooses and it will be fashioned differently. The colours are chosen depending on what He wants this particular knight to suggest. Red for a daring knight eagerly plunging into battle, blue for a brave knight fearlessly fighting to the death, yellow for a cheerful knight, green for a noble knight standing in defense of his lady. He chooses everything about the knight down to the finest details. Yet, what if He not only decides what material to use but what the materials are available for him to choose from. He creates the ideas ‘wood’ and ‘knight’ and then creates a knight out of wood. He creates the ideas ‘colour’ and ‘green’ and then paints the knight green. Now, let us back up yet another step: Suppose He does not arbitrarily create the ideas of ‘knight’ and ‘colour’ as though it had never occurred to Him before and the idea happened to strike His fancy. Suppose these ideas, such as ‘knight,’ ‘wood,’ ‘colour,’  ‘man,’ ‘woman,’ ‘flesh,’ ‘bone,’ ‘belly-button,’ and all the rest were not just whims but came from God’s very being and reflected a part of HIM.

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